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If you want to make music you need instruments. Might be stating the obvious but today you could get by, and very well, with a computer. However, my first real instrument was a flute. Made of wood and played a lot from age 8. It later was inherited by my sister’s children and lost from my life.
Piano. It wasn’t mine. It was my parents. But I loved it and played it every day. Believe it was by Malmstrom here in Sweden. It was later sold, long after I moved out, because of my parents moving.
Guitar. A beast bought from a relative. Almost unplayable and later broken and at last stolen, broken as it was. Then an acoustic bought on some vacation trip. The action was bad who was I to know at the age of 13.
My next one was, and is, much better. A Hagstrom Viking bought second hand in 1973. It still serves me well.
The Viking needed amplification so I bought an Audex amplifier, brand new and a second hand speaker cabinet. What is, or was an Audex? A man in Gothenburg built these. Don’t know how many were built but there was also a bass version and I think, a PA-system as well. The Audex was sold after a few years as the band I was playing in broke up.
Keyboards! Yamaha PortaSound MK-100. A fun instrument with mini keys and auto comp with a simple sequenser. Came over an old piano as well. Beautiful tone, a bit of a honky-tonk sound.
Now we enter the 1980’s!!! Yamaha DX7, EMU Drumolator, Fostex 4-track casset recorder, Fostex spring reverb, Atari STFM 1024. Can’t remember the name of the software I used. This was extended with a Korg M3R after a while and a Blues Harp. Peavey Bandit amplifier has served me well until this day. Bought a second hand ARP Odyssey


I paid almost nothing for the ARP and it turned out to be a fantastic friend. I could reproduce the sounds of Jimi Hendrix distorted guitar and lush. soft smooth sounds. All of these except the MK-100 were sold because another move to a smaller place. The gear was replaced by an acoustic guitar.

A few years ago I bought CASIO Celviano AP-450 digital piano. This has gotten me back to the music big time. After a while I bought a Presonus USB interface to be able to record on my computer. Roland midi keyboard, A-800 PRO was next.

But why stop there? MOOG makes a modern Theremin, called Theremini! Had to have one. Still learning to play it. MOOG Minimoog Voyager XL was next on the list. A wonderful synth with fantastic possibilities. Monophonic! But with MIDI. And while shopping for something without musical connection this christmas I found a flute almost like the one I used to play as a child.