I have/had a blog going about my model building and life in general. This died a couple of years ago due to lack of time/interest. Decided to pick it up during the x-mas holiday period. Found the interface had changed so I was having difficulties in finding the functions I thought I had grasped since the last time. Then Blogging 101 turned up. Hmmm…maybe……yes…….enter class. Since then I have managed to decide on running two blogs, one for the models and one for the music.

Yesterday I was even more confused when I tried to follow http://peggypolias.com/ and WordPress told me my e-mail was invalid. Filled in the contact form on Peggy’s blog to tell her I tried but failed to follow her. Late in the evening I received a mail from WordPress stating I was now following Peggy!

Then I think I confused Guitarjones, https://guitarjones.wordpress.com/ by following him with the wrong blog, that is my modeling blog and not my music blog! Oh well! Whining I guess.

That took care of the blog and confusion part of my title on this post. Time! Time is really to short to manage to follow Blogging 101 everyday. I will concentrate on my music blog and keep an eye on Blogging 101, the model blog will have to rest.

Now lets concentrate on the music. Of to practice and maybe my next post will be on the positive side!