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When I hear a sound, in nature, from a machine, an instrument, I can feel a mood inside of me. When I feel a mood inside of me it seems impossible to transfer that mood to a sound. Why doesn’t it work both ways?

I can sit at the piano and play around with chords. Changing the order I play the chords in, the voicing of the chord and trying out different inversions. I hear all the changes in sound and mood as I go through these changes. But I can’t find the right sound colour at once. Is it only me? Does everybody playing around with sounds have the same “problem”? Or is it just, keep at it and it will come one day? I wonder…….

Take this picture. It is from upstairs an early morning…..

Sun Rise in MistThis picture sets me in a mood. That mood can be different from day to day. The morning I took the picture I felt happiness when I looked out the window and saw the sun rising in the mist. Now I want to capture this with musical sounds.

I guess being inspired is one thing and making something out of that inspiration is another. It’s now the hard work begins I guess. If the hard work leads to something worth playing you will hear about it and also hear it.