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The CASIO Celviano range is what got me back into playing the piano again. The AP-450 model has a really nice piano sound, there are several samples to choose from, and an affordable price. What more is there to say? Three pedals that actually work as they should. The only thing I miss today is MIDI. Didn’t think that far when I bought it.

KeysThe amazing thing is the big lift CASIO has made. Previously they could be considered as makers of cheap toy like keyboards when it came to the sound but this range is superb. Did I say they come at a fraction of the price of the competition, and we are talking pro gear from YAMAHA among others.

This instrument really has made my comeback when it comes to playing music. This is the third winter I have it and don’t regret buying it. And now all these analog synthezisers that are coming. Life is looking great.