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Today’s post is different. Different because it doesn’t have to do with my musical attempts. We made a visit to the Gothenburg Opera House. A few times each year they have a small, free, performance in the lobby. You just come and sit down where or rather if there is a free chair. People sit everywhere, even the stairs are used.

On the program today was romantic music by Wilhelm Stenhammar, Gosta Nystroem, Ture Rangström, Johannes Brahms, Edvard Grieg, Hugo Alvén and August Soderman.

The performers,

Anna Johansson, sopran

Carl Wallin, tenor

Fredrik Helgesson, baryton

Lisa Froberg and Bo Eriksson on piano.

The program was approximatly one hour and everybody who was there seemed to enjoy the music and the informal atmosphere. Need I say the performance was magnificent?

Very inspiring to listen to others perform and not only in the genre you are trying to master.