via High Consumer Of Music.

J.P.Kallio blogged this and I agree with his views on music consumption. I don’t make my living of off music so I don’t know how that side works but I do now the price of buying music and tickets. I pay my monthly fee to have streaming music available but I use it more as a second record collection with the added bonus of being able to take it with me to work. In fact this often saves my day as I can more or less disappear into my own small bubble and get on with my tasks. I also buy the occasional CD when it is something special, to me that is.

Music in the digital format saves space, lots of space. I look at the area that my LPs, MCs and reels of tape occupy up stairs and all the CDs down stairs. The digital format saves space! What I miss today is the, often, fine artwork on the cover of a LP.

Mostly I listen to the musicians I have found on SoundCloud when I’m at home and not working on my own music. Guess I have left the subject in Kallio’s blog post but he inspired these thought of mine with his post. Recommend you to check out his blog and music.