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Might not be a post today. Or is it already a post? Not much music related this weekend I’m afraid. Recorded Preludium in C sharp by Bach just to listen to myself and it is shaping up to become a public performance piece. I have a version on SoundCloud that is manipulated with a delay effect giving a different feel to the piece that I did some weeks ago but in the concert situation I can’t rely on effects. It has to be good when pure piano is the sound source and nothing else.

The other two pieces I’m working on for the concert have felt hopeless but yesterday I felt some hope for the first time. I have never before tried to be back up to a singer before. In my youth it was a band situation so we were all making noise on our instruments while our band leader tried to come through the sound barrier with the lyrics.

Also working on an electronic piece with vocoder and analog synth sounds. I have only small sketches ready but I’m happy with it so far. We will see, or hear, what becomes of it in the future.

Taking the evening walk with our dog today I also came up with some lyrics that might become a blues number. I have to leave now to write those lyrics down before they are lost in space.