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Have been a bit quiet on the blog lately. This is due to a hard workload at the day job and practicing for the concert. Today I have a cold with fever so I can do a blog post from my sickbed.

Now it is only one month left until our concert. Just found out that we have competition from the Gothenburg Opera who are making a guest visit playing Verdi’s Rigoletto the same evening in our city. What can they offer against a few amateurs? A lot I guess!

How am I doing? The Prelude by Bach feels good and I’m relaxed about that piece. I’m still learning to comp a singer. I’ve done it on guitar before in private but on the piano it is something else. Just to chose the chord voicings  that fits the melody and voice of the singer is a different ball game than on a guitar. Today I remembered the last time I played in public. It is 48 years ago! Guess it is about time I do it again.

I’ll try to update a bit more often now until the Day.