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Been a long time since writing on these pages. There has been a lot to do before the summer holidays at work and there is work to be done on our house as well. This has resulted in my music having to take a rest.

Today, the first day of my holiday period, I found some time to lay down a sound experiment. This is why I have returned to analogue synthesizers. All I have done to create this alien space ship starting and then landing is turning one knob on the panel of my miniMOOG. The filter cutoff frequency. That is all plus holding down the key for a very low C but this I could have done by supplying a gate voltage to the correct insert on the instrument if I had wanted my finger to have a rest.

There will be more on analogue synthesizing later as I have gotten a sequenser from Doepfer and after the summer I will order parts for a modular system. I have so far only been experimenting with the sequenser.

I have also started work on another song and laid down a preliminary solo over the backing tracks but it is early days for this piece to meet the public. I have written lyrics for this as well so if I put my ideas on tape-???-(is that what you say in this day and age of DAWs) you might hear me sing.