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We have been on a short trip down to the south of Sweden. It was very nice but the weather turned out to be too hot for our plans. However it gave some new impressions and a few days away from everything.
Now I’m back I had plans for a new song plus all the started but not finished songs I’ve got on my hard drive. So what do I do? I start messing about with MIDI-cables and trying different connections, does this connection work to and from my DAW? No, does this? And so on. Even dial in a new sequence on my DarkTime and start recording. Need I say that nothing of this is what I planned to do.
My plan still is to record a minimalistic piece I composed on the piano some time ago. Maybe posting my progress each day on the blog will sharpen my focus so I get going with what I had my mind set on and not messing about with everything else. Hopefully I can deliver a progress report tomorrow that is positive.