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I came up with this idea of trying to create a new track or piece of original music every month. There are plenty of started songs on my hard drive and small riffs and stuff on bits of paper or in my mind. I’ve got to try and make something of all these ideas so they’re not wasted. So my first take on this new idea has resulted in four new tracks of which I have finished one, February 2016 No.2. The other three might turn up later or maybe they are just sketches that will never take of.

The piece that made it to the finish this month is a bit in the Berlin School style as I understand it. This might be totally wrong as I have a very bad understanding of what genre to put on a piece of music. To me there is good music and not so good music.

The backing track is a sequenser playing my modular system of mostly Doepfer A100 modules. The kick drum that keeps the tempo up is also synthesized with the A100 system and run through a delay. Bass by MOOG Voyager XL. Atmosphere by KORG and a Theremin solo part.

So here it is, February 2016 No.2