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Which is best? Buying the music you want to listen to or subscribing to a streaming service? I started to think about this topic when Unknown Land released the album 33°.

Subscribing to a streaming service;

You will always have access, even off line, as long as the service exists. I experienced this when Rdio went bankrupt last year. Even my off line listening was stopped. Result, I couldn’t listen to any of “my” albums, tracks or whatever. However Rdio were very nice and provided me with a list of all my favorite albums etc. so I would have the possibility to recreate my playlists and such with a new provider.

Buying the music;

You will always have access to your purchase whatever happens.

For the artist? I don’t know. Buying the music would give some money to the artist/rights holder and so should the streaming service also work. Which alternative is better I do not know. For the fan who want’s to be sure of always having access to his or her favorite music it would be best to purchase.

Link to the above mentioned album is


They are also on SoundCloud