Compulsory Composer is the title of one of my tracks on the album Sketches, link below. It is also what I am it seems. Instead of recording/mixing as planed, I composed a new piece of music yesterday. For Piano, Recorder, Electric Bass, Strings and Drums. It took most part of the day but in the evening I put it to rest. I was supposed to work on my synth based album!

How do I spend my days? After breakfast and morning paper it is a 2 hour walk with our dog. Usually there will be a second breakfast when we return home. Then it’s my music time, either practice or recording. Practice is the danger part because it’s then I start experimenting with small melodies or chord progressions which become the embryo for a new composition. Practice session over and done with and composing takes over.

The afternoons are for more music or model building or wood work if nothing else has to be done. This is my plan for the weekdays. Weekends can consist of anything. Today I went to the temple area, the local shopping center that is, to buy some necessary items. Can’t stay in the country side always.