This week didn’t go as planned. It doesn’t always do that. Tuesday I went to the club to meet the gang after the holidays but then Wednesday came along. After mine and dog’s 2 hour walk I was tired, so tired I almost fell asleep. My voice was like I had been out drinking the whole night but I know I wasn’t. OK, better take it easy the rest of the day.

Easy was not to be. First I had a one hour phone conversation with a friend. Then about one hour on the phone with my mother doing IT-support. After that I had no more energy that day.

Thursday I finished of a tool for my model building so I feel quite pleased about that. Even played a little on the piano and did preliminary experiments with a BBD-module from Doepfer.

Today is Friday and I’m feeling OK so far so lets see how the day unfolds. Plans are, 2 hour walk, piano practice, modular experiments and model building. Might even try to take some pictures of some tiny details a friend wants to see.

OK. That’s it. Just wanted to show that I’m still here and want to put this blog on the map once again. Take care and make/listen to a lot of music.