Long Time No Posts




Been some time again I’m afraid. I have been creating and posting on SoundCloud since the last blog post. There was a track uploaded in April but then my plan with one new track for every month failed. In June there was time to make a new recording and a new post on SoundCloud and today I managed another one.

Music not being my source of income I have to make other choices to make ends meet and for life to carry on. Now I have my summer  vacation so there is a bit more time for music. There is more in the pipeline so maybe this month will see more than one new track on SoundCloud.

The link to my SoundCloud page can be found in the left column. And todays track is found here;



April’s Musical Contribution


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Continuing with my plan to upload one track every month to SoundCloud. This time it is a track intended for meditation and relaxation. I cut out 2 minutes in the middle of a nine minute recording so as not to force you to listen to long. ­čÖé With the original recording I have put my player in repeat mode which can be very relaxing and sleep inducing I’ve noticed.

Hope you enjoy it.

Buying Music vs Subscribing


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Which is best? Buying the music you want to listen to or subscribing to a streaming service? I started to think about this topic when Unknown Land released the album 33┬░.

Subscribing to a streaming service;

You will always have access, even off line, as long as the service exists. I experienced this when Rdio went bankrupt last year. Even my off line listening was stopped. Result, I couldn’t listen to any of “my” albums, tracks or whatever. However Rdio were very nice and provided me with a list of all my favorite albums etc. so I would have the possibility to recreate my playlists and such with a new provider.

Buying the music;

You will always have access to your purchase whatever happens.

For the artist? I don’t know. Buying the music would give some money to the artist/rights holder and so should the streaming service also work. Which alternative is better I do not know. For the fan who want’s to be sure of always having access to his or her favorite music it would be best to purchase.

Link to the above mentioned album is


They are also on SoundCloud




Woods of Mars


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Continuing my plan to release/finish one track for each month I just released Woods of Mars on SoundCloud. I began this as a backing groove on my modular but as tracks were laid down it got it’s own life and took me on a journey into the woods. The intro is all that’s left of the modular track. The ambient soundscape gave the connection to space and the month the planet I was heading for. On top of this I put down a solo with my MOOG which gave me the feeling of trolls in the woods. Hope you enjoy the trip with me!


Radio Play!


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Hello again. My latest track, February 2016 No.2 has received some radio play. Last Wednesday on the In The MOOG show on NCCRradio which can be found on the internet at this address NCCRradio

Last week was new music day and this week it is a good old retro show.┬á The time period for the retro show is ca. 1970 to 1990. Synth pop. Depech Mode, Gary Numan, Kraftwerk, to give you an idea of the genre that’s being played. It keeps alternating between new and retro music every second week. It’s an interactive show so very much is gained if you have a Twitter account. There is a group of regular listeners who keep in touch and comment on the playlist while the show is going on. Every Wednesday between 8.00 and 10.00 PM UK time is show time.

Well I guess that’s all for this time. Maybe some Twitter accounts to point you in the right direction if you are interested. @NCCRradio and the host is @chriswatts1965. #InTheMOOG is the tag. My Twitter is @jrbjork.

A Track a Month?


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I came up with this idea of trying to create a new track or piece of original music every month. There are plenty of started songs on my hard drive and small riffs and stuff on bits of paper or in my mind. I’ve got to try and make something of all these ideas so they’re not wasted. So my first take on this new idea has resulted in four new tracks of which I have finished one, February 2016 No.2. The other three might turn up later or maybe they are just sketches that will never take of.

The piece that made it to the finish this month is a bit in the Berlin School style as I understand it. This might be totally wrong as I have a very bad understanding of what genre to put on a piece of music. To me there is good music and not so good music.

The backing track is a sequenser playing my modular system of mostly Doepfer A100 modules. The kick drum that keeps the tempo up is also synthesized with the A100 system and run through a delay. Bass by MOOG Voyager XL. Atmosphere by KORG and a Theremin solo part.

So here it is, February 2016 No.2

My Latest Music, Part 2


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Next we come to a track called Travels. It started as something I felt had some potential but I couldn’t finish it in a way that made me satisfied. What to do? I uploaded the track to Sound Cloud and invited anybody to add or contribute in some way to the track.

AnAstromo from Slovakia jumped at the challenge and transformed the track to a master piece in my mind. It can be heard on my Sound Cloud page,

or on AnAstromo’s Bandcamp page,

About the sounds used there is more information to be found here.

My Latest Music, Part 1


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Even though it’s been a long time since I wrote on the blog there has been music created. Since I published Summer Fun on Sound Cloud there has been a few tracks I would like to mention in the following blog posts. Just to catch up and be ready for the new start of the blog.

First we have a track I called Drowning. Title comes from the events in the Mediterranean Sea in the summer of 2015.

A track that has received more plays is Relax which also is part of my Bjorksperiment series.

Bjorksperiment is a series of tracks were I test, mostly my analogue, equipment when it comes to making sounds/noise and reshaping it. This was done during the summer of last year.

Sound Cloud, What’s Happening?


Keep reading about all the changes that are planned for SC. Plus they are making a huge  loss every year, having difficulties in signing deals with the major labels in an attempt to make SC more like your ordinary streaming service. If they should manage to become a streaming service what happens with all of us who are unsigned and just happy to share what we create with like minded people? Will SC make money on my music that I give away for free?
Is it time to look for another place on the internet? There are some alternatives that work differently so maybe a change is necessary. I will hang on for a while and see what happens.

The Mistreated Blog


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Hello my forgotten friend. I guess my interest in writing here isn’t big enough to be regular. Most time is spent playing/practicing or composing music or model building. That is if I’m not out door walking. This is what I do most of my much to short spare time.

There are a few new tracks on SoundCloud I want to tell you about. There is stuff to write about SoundCloud as well. New gear and what not. Today is Wednesday so lets see if I can put some words and maybe a bit of music together until Saturday.