Naviar Records Haiku Challenge


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I have been following the activities on Naviar Records, and their Haiku challenge with a view to contribute a piece myself. Check out the Naviar homepage for details. You have one week to write, record and submit by posting your piece on SoundCloud. Naviar Records publish a haiku, a Japanese form of poem, once a week and this week was number 214. This is to be used as your inspiration. At last I have managed to complete the task in one week. Usually the week is over and gone before I come that far.

Sat myself down at the piano and improvised over a D and G chord, added some synth and subtle effects. The result?


Two Blogs. No Good.

I once started a blog to show case my model building. That sort fell asleep for a long time. Decided to start it up again but concentrate on my life long interest, music. For some reason I started a new blog which I have found confuses people. If I follow another blogger and they want to follow me back they usually end up following my original blog, and not my music blog. I don’t know what to do about this as I’m not yet prepared to close my model blog.

The Grey Continues

Today’s walk was just as grey as yesterdays.


I had some successful experiments with my BBD, Bucket Brigade Delay! Might find some use for it after all. I don’t know what genre to place my improvised creation in but maybe I can use it in the near future.

Tomorrow I will be back modelling though I just might find time for some music as well.

Time…Week Summary

Once upon a time, in the Stone Age, the Rolling Stones recorded a tune. Part of the lyrics were “Time is on my side”. It doesn’t always feel that way so I will, mostly for my own sake, make a summary of my week so far.

Monday. The usual breakfast, read paper and walk with dog. The extra was a visit to my Mum and at the same time seeing my sister’s son and his two sons. That took care of day one!

Tuesday. The usual and then a trip to town to see doctor for some tests. Work with models.

Wednesday. The usual. Work with models. Concluding that the existence is in grey scale. Discovering that the blog is being followed by ill meaning people. A lot of new mail addresses with a long nonsense name and (a)outlook(dot)com! Word Press are on it. I’m of course not the only one that has been targeted.

Thursday. The usual. Plus more strange e-mail subscribers. Made a vegan stew to be frozen for later. Took me 15 minutes plus washing up. Trip to the city to do some purchases. That almost filled day number 4.

No music practice. No composing. But music is always present. I have found some poems that I would like to write music to. Maybe one more release this year. First the music. Then contact poet. If OK, then we will see.

What Happened This Week?

This week didn’t go as planned. It doesn’t always do that. Tuesday I went to the club to meet the gang after the holidays but then Wednesday came along. After mine and dog’s 2 hour walk I was tired, so tired I almost fell asleep. My voice was like I had been out drinking the whole night but I know I wasn’t. OK, better take it easy the rest of the day.

Easy was not to be. First I had a one hour phone conversation with a friend. Then about one hour on the phone with my mother doing IT-support. After that I had no more energy that day.

Thursday I finished of a tool for my model building so I feel quite pleased about that. Even played a little on the piano and did preliminary experiments with a BBD-module from Doepfer.

Today is Friday and I’m feeling OK so far so lets see how the day unfolds. Plans are, 2 hour walk, piano practice, modular experiments and model building. Might even try to take some pictures of some tiny details a friend wants to see.

OK. That’s it. Just wanted to show that I’m still here and want to put this blog on the map once again. Take care and make/listen to a lot of music.

Compulsory Composer

Compulsory Composer is the title of one of my tracks on the album Sketches, link below. It is also what I am it seems. Instead of recording/mixing as planed, I composed a new piece of music yesterday. For Piano, Recorder, Electric Bass, Strings and Drums. It took most part of the day but in the evening I put it to rest. I was supposed to work on my synth based album!

How do I spend my days? After breakfast and morning paper it is a 2 hour walk with our dog. Usually there will be a second breakfast when we return home. Then it’s my music time, either practice or recording. Practice is the danger part because it’s then I start experimenting with small melodies or chord progressions which become the embryo for a new composition. Practice session over and done with and composing takes over.

The afternoons are for more music or model building or wood work if nothing else has to be done. This is my plan for the weekdays. Weekends can consist of anything. Today I went to the temple area, the local shopping center that is, to buy some necessary items. Can’t stay in the country side always.

Plans For 2018

I have set myself some musical goals for 2018. This is to get some structure into my existence and, hopefully, knowing what I do and what to do.

  • Learn 3 pieces well enough on the piano so I can play them easily without any music sheet. The pieces are selected so all I have to do is to start practice.
  • Release an electronic/synth album during the year. I have a few pieces recorded already but I want more to choose from and also enough to fill an album. This will most probably be towards the end of the year.
  • Release my piano and string quartet. Maybe together with a piece for brass, violins and percussion that I have written but not recorded. These are in a style I call Modern Classical.

New Start?

Nothing new here since July 2016! Can that be changed? Regular posts would be good but am I up to it?

Activities there has been over the last year and half. Tracks uploaded on my SoundCloud page, new music written but not yet recorded, and a Bandcamp page started. But the biggest happening is that I’m now a retired person. No more go to work for a living instead working for my pleasure. I can make music, build models or do woodwork all day if I feel like it.

So lets hope for a new begining for this neglected blog.

Long Time No Posts




Been some time again I’m afraid. I have been creating and posting on SoundCloud since the last blog post. There was a track uploaded in April but then my plan with one new track for every month failed. In June there was time to make a new recording and a new post on SoundCloud and today I managed another one.

Music not being my source of income I have to make other choices to make ends meet and for life to carry on. Now I have my summer  vacation so there is a bit more time for music. There is more in the pipeline so maybe this month will see more than one new track on SoundCloud.

The link to my SoundCloud page can be found in the left column. And todays track is found here;


April’s Musical Contribution


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Continuing with my plan to upload one track every month to SoundCloud. This time it is a track intended for meditation and relaxation. I cut out 2 minutes in the middle of a nine minute recording so as not to force you to listen to long. 🙂 With the original recording I have put my player in repeat mode which can be very relaxing and sleep inducing I’ve noticed.

Hope you enjoy it.